Welcome to the exciting, dirty and experimental world of ceramics. In this course, we have five units, or five assignments. You will have a lot of time in between working on the class assignments to make your own creations. Keep your best wheel thrown piece as part of the December exam mark and then in the second half of the year, keep your best thrown piece as part of the culminating mark.

Unit 1: Introduction to ceramic processes and Central and South American Ceramics

Unit 2: Stamps and Slab Building

The Wheel
I will create a schedule and show each of you how to center, open, cone in, fix the lip, pull and shape. I will also show you how to trim your bowl. You will bring your best thrown piece to the exam and it is worth 30% of the exam. It should be bisque fired (and glazed preferably). I will be looking at thickness of the walls and even thickness of the walls. I will look at how centered it is, how even the lip is and the height and shape achieved.

Unit 3: Korean Ceramics and Decoration

Unit 5: Figurative Sculpture

Unit 6: Narrative Tiles