Welcome to Canadian History with Ms. Lim.

Check out this page regularly to see the calendar covering what we will be doing in class as well as the links to websites and videos.

  1. 1914-1929
    1. Immigration, WWI, Propaganda, Women enter the work force, Prosperity of the 20’s, Residential schools.
  2. 1929-1945
    1. Social change and new political ideas, Depression Era issues, Canada’s changing relationship with Great Britain and the United States, Canada’s contributions in WWII.
  3. 1945-1982
    1. Post-War Immigration and Refugees, Advertising, Consumer Culture, Nuclear Threat and Nuclear Families, Suburban Development, Space Race, Social and Welfare Programs.
    2. Social Conflict and Inequality: Feminism, Native Rights, The Quiet Revolution.
  4. 1982-Present
    1. Multiculturalism, Developments in science and technology, Economy and trade, New political parties (Green, Reform and Wild Rose), Separatism, Political protests and unrest, Regionalism in Canada, Canada’s involvement in international combat missions.

Unit 1: 1914-1929

First read http://www.cbc.ca/history/EPISCONTENTSE1EP11CH2PA2LE.html
Describe the differing sentiments of English Canada and French Canada to the Boer War.
Laurier Questions http://www.cbc.ca/history/SECTIONSE1EP11CH2LE.html
Why was he named “the Great Conciliator”?
How did Canada support Britain at the turn of the century and did these ties build up and tear apart Canada?
Bourassa Questions **http://www.cbc.ca/history/EPISCONTENTSE1EP11CH2PA4LE.html**
Describe two things that Bourassa believed and fought for. Describe why.

with BBC Famous Assassinations video

Nelly McClung uses humour like Tina Fey in her spoof of Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin
Conscription debate. Watch an episode of CBC's The Debaters

Are unions necessary?

Original Letters sent in the Persons Case

December Exam

Unit 2: 1929-1945

In class we will practice writing concluding sentences for body paragraphs.
This is the reading for the Hitler Essay
The essay is due Tues March 4th, 2014. If the late permission form is used. the final due date is Thurs March 20th.

History Channel Documentary on the Nuremburg Trials

7 min documentary on the reasons why the US dropped the atomic bomb
Quotes against the dropping of the bomb
Doug Long article summary on Nagasaki: Was it Necessary?

Peace Day art project on the Beaches of Normandy

WWII Unit test on Wed April 2

Unit 3: 1945-1982

D2L Online posting assignment.

Unit 4: 1982-Present

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