Welcome to Grade 9 Geography! On this website you can find a calendar describing what we are doing in class as well as assignments and links to important websites and videos. If you are absent, please check the website for work and due dates and e-mail Ms. Lim.


1) Maps
2) Physical Connections
3) Weather and Climate
4) Human Connections
5) Industries and Resource Management
6) Liveable Communities

1) Maps


2) Physical Connections
BBC 1 min video on plate tectonics

Movement of the plates over time
Rock Cycle Animation

Two continental plates colliding
Map of plate boundaries and direction of movement
Convergent, divergent and transform boundaries
Our stop motion video of the geologic eras!!!!!
Videos of Canadian Landforms

3) Weather and Climate

Global Climate Systems 3 minutes
Water experiment showing warm and cool fronts
Tutorial on weather fronts 9 mins


The review booklet is due on Wed December 4th in class.

4) Human Connections

Canada's Aging Population CBC Article
Globe and Mail article on re-thinking immigration

5) Industries and Resource Management
Watch the Story of Stuff and the Story of Change at the thestoryofstuff.org


Watch Food Inc. Here is a list of Althernative Views to Food Inc

test date: Tues Feb 4
due Thurs Feb 6


Kildala Arm and the Native group is the Haisla. Marks are awarded based on 1) the group power point presentation 2) Your notes sheet taken during the presentations and 3) Your comments during the Community Meeting.

Energy and Mining

home assignment on Keystone XL Pipeline see Ms. Lim for due date.

6) Liveable Communities
Go to the Jane's walk website to go on a walk in your neighbourhood May 2-4, 2014. You will get bonus marks!!!!

Suzuki Diaries Future Cities